>Raunchy for the RSPCA


Raunchy for the RSPCA?  Well, fellow #PTUBer Tim Pokorny aka @soporificfrog and all-round good-guy is raising money for the RSPCA (WA).  Specifically a minimum of AUD$520.  When that target is reached, he will nude up for a tasteful self-portrait, which will then be posted to Flickr.  Why?  Read Tim’s blog.  It’s a worthwhile cause, in my humble opinion.  I have not only given a denotation, but have offered an other $10 donation for Tim to keep his clothes on.
Go on.  Donate.  Do it now.  Tim is dying to nude up in front of his own lens.


3 responses to “>Raunchy for the RSPCA

  1. >If you want animals killed then donate to the rspca. Take a look at their Annual Reports and you will find that over half the cats and dogs received by them are killed. If you like animals donate to Monica's Doggie Rescue or any other animal organisation that puts money into rehoming, not killing. I would not give one cent to the rspca.

  2. >I fully appreciate that the RSPCA doesn’t have all the resources to save every animal put into its care either by law or otherwise. Less money means more animals being euthanised.

  3. >How different are they from the RSPCA in the UK?Over here the situation is appalling. See:http://cheetah.webtribe.net/~animadversion

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