Don’t share needlers.

The tone of what passes for political discussion in Australia is, quite frankly, disgusting. It’s odious and we all should be ashamed.

Just a few remarks on the “commentators”, the people that are paid to express an opinion or two. The columnists who supposedly inform us of the issues of the general issues of the day, or week as the case may be.

To start with, that repugnant human being Howard Sattler. It wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t unfortunate. He plotted and planned those questions, and his bosses should have known. He has form. But why should we be surprised by this? Controversy sells, and that’s what he was employed to do; spruik his kind of polarising bull shit. This time, shock-horror, he went too far. Crossed the line it seems, so an apology is issued. He isn’t sorry, though. He hasn’t apologised. He’s rubbing our faces in it by suing his employer for sacking him. He’s even stated for public consumption that given his time again he’d ask the same questions. He reminds us even now that the Prime Minister ought to have known what was coming. Presumably, in his befouled little mind, she deserved it. What a grub.

Then, as some sort of anything you can do, I can go lower duet, fellow abhorrent human being Piers Akerman pops up and repeats the same slurs. Quite rightly most of the nation simultaneously rolled their eyes, laughed with utter disbelief and expressed their outrage. And that would be that, except the ignominious buffoon decides that he’d better explain himself in his regular News Ltd column by blaming the ABC, Barrie Cassidy, Lenore Taylor, Malcolm Farr, Twitter and anyone with a shred of decency to call him out on his tactless, repellant aspersion.

Now you could be forgiven for thinking one (or two) swallows do not a summer make, but this a wave crest of in the lake of sewage, years in the making. It’s not simply a case of sexism against one woman and a disgraceful slur on her partner, it’s systemic racism, homophobia and xenophobia against all manner of people.

The worst aspect of this whole sorry mess is the inescapable reality that it’s our fault. You read correctly. It’s us who watches the tawdry mess on the evening news. It’s us who buys the newspapers. It’s us who subscribes to the online version of the newspapers. It’s a free country and you can read and watch what you like, but for chrissakes stop sharing the smeared faeces that passes as political analysis or opinion on your social media accounts. Instead of ignoring every one of these vile trolls, the nation is clicking on your shortened URLs, and editors then rub their hands together in Machiavellian delight because they can give their advertising clients hard numbers, advertising which pays for these vicious grubs and encourages them to churn out even more bigoted bile.

So stop it. If you really want to make a difference, if you really are so offended by a piece that these intolerant ogres write and think everyone else should read it, then take a screen capture and post that instead. Don’t give these bloody bastards the satisfaction of knowing they’re comfortable and safe, protected from the rage by the soft blankets of money that a few lazy clicks bring.


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